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CA Digital is a local SEO & Digital Marketing agency is committed
to helping new clients win more clients within 30 days.

CA Digital is a local SEO & Digital Marketing agency is committed to helping new clients win more clients within 30 days.  

After a decade of full-time SEO experience and two previous successful agencies to learn from, Richard Conover, the founder and owner of CA Digital, has pulled together an incredible amount of valuable digital marketing / lead generating services and bundled them all together for a select client base.

We currently are only accepting clients within 14 niches or market verticals. Most are home contractor services, plus 3 professional local services. “100% client retention intention” is the core driving principle behind every decision CA Digital makes. We aim to so over deliver within the fees charged that firing us is bloody hard!  

CA Digital Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimization. This is the core service that any local business needs to dominate to get the lion's share of all possible targeted local search traffic.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management strives to manage all online reviews in real-time. Good reviews deserve a thank-you and bad reviews present a golden opportunity if managed.

Reputation Marketing!

Managing your hard-earned 5 star online reputation is step 1. Actively marketing your positive 5 stars reviews to win more business is when reputation gets interesting.

PPC – Google Adwords

Paid traffic from Google is highly effective & reliable. CA Digital Adwords specialists can help you get the most from your ad spend!

Facebook Ad Management

Get more from FB ads! Let us manage your Facebook Ad spend efficiently. Let CA Digital help you get the most from this traffic channel.

Email Marketing

Have existing clients? Leverage that client list to generate new sales. Email & SMS marketing can generate new sales from past clients.

“100% Client Retention Intention”

We don’t lock clients into long contracts. Our goal is to achieve a high enough ROI for a our clients that paying the monthly fees to CA Digital is the one easy decision the business owner makes each month.

All fees are set up via a monthly online subscription and ending the service with CA Digital only requires you cancel the monthly subscription. No notice needed!

CA Digital understands that the best digital marketing services in the world still only make sense relative to how much they cost. We aim to keep our fees on the low side with the aim to never lose any clients.

Calgary CA Digital’s Strategic Objective:

Calgary CA Digital is a process driven digital marketing & SEO – Search Engine Optimization – company that is driven to help local small businesses dominate their local market vertical via the most valuable traffic channels for targeted, consumer driven online traffic. 

We only take on clients that we are 100% certain we can add significant value for and make our monthly fees an easy decision to keep paying.  We only take clients from a limited number of niches and only offer a limited number of services that are beneficial for all our clients, in all niches and all cities.   Currently we only accept clients within 14 niches or keyword market verticals.  Most (10) fall under the “Home Improvement” broad industry category and we only take on clients from three professional services: Dental Clinics, Legal – General Practice Law firms, and Mortgage Brokers.  

CA Digital :: Reputation Marketing :: SEO :: Pay Per Lead :: Adwords :: Facebook Ad Management

Local Contractor & Small Business SEO + Digital Marketing Services.

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How We Get Local Businesses More Online Traffic, Leads, and Business.

Local Online Lead Generation


Search Engine Optimization

This is the core digital service we provide and is the only necessary paid service to qualify as a CA Digital client.

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Reputation Marketing & Management

  Reputation management is a well established service while reputation marketing is relatively new and unknown.  

As any business owner that is in it for the long haul knows, reputation and online reviews matter more and more as the O2O – Online To Offline – research and then buying habits  of consumers creates a unique opportunity for businesses with good reputations that tend to get good reviews.

Managing reputation wisely monitors all reviews being submitted for your business so that the business owner can respond to reviews as they are posted.  Good or bad, they both represent an opportunity to establish your business as being extremely reputable.

CA Digital has developed a platform that both monitors your reviews in real time, but also takes the positive reviews and markets them online!  

You’ve worked hard to build your business and win positive reviews.. Let CA Digital actively market your good reviews online to win more business and drastically increase your site’s conversion rates.  

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Pay Per Call Lead Generation

Only available for SEO clients, Pay Per Call is the lowest risk, highest converting service we offer.  Buy lead credits and reload as needed.  

Pay for the results only.  This is different than Google Adwords in that you’re paying for the conversion, not the clicks.  Cost per call is much higher, but it’s what clients are ultimately seeking via SEO or paid traffic like Adwords or Facebook Ads.  

This service is only available for CA Digital SEO clients, and comes standard with sign up.  We initially set the cost per lead to $1.00 until we are certain the traffic or calls are legit.

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Google Adwords & Facebook Ad Management Services

Ranking high organically and high in the maps is vital for any local business serious on accessing the bulk of the search traffic in their local area.   Paid traffic is a service that we encourage all our SEO clients to commit to despite it being a lower ROI or ROAS process based on the reliability and security it provides a business in case Google makes a massive algorithm update and rankings are lost short term.   

Assuming only 20% of searchers click on the ads, that is still an import amount of online traffic that can be fought for.  Achieving the lowest cost per click while still getting your daily budget used up and driving that traffic to a high converting landing page is a complicated and drawn out process.  Those who wing it, and try to run their own ads are up against pros who do a better job and thus achieve better results.  The management fees are easily recouped with much lower CPC or more clicks for the daily budget.  Let CA Digital handle this seemingly easier means of winning online clients for you.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Already have a client base of past customers or clients?  CA Digital can help you systematically leverage that existing client base via strategies that make emailing past clients make sense, engage them in a predictable means to generate nearly on demand new sales as needed.  

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